All In Care Signup to CarePal

All In Care, one of Irelands leading home care providers has adopted CarePal into their organisation.


All Healthcare are grappling with the same challenge, the increasing complexity of services required to be delivered. This has challenged providers to use technology in order to generate more effective reporting and to monitor systems very closely. 

CarePal allows All In Care see the location of each carer in real time and what clients they are working with.

The mobile application allows carers to log their arrival and departure times in the client’s home. NFC (Near Field Communication) tags are used in the clocking process to validate the physical location of the check in.

CarePal provides staff a real-time view of their visits for today and coming days. Employees can easily see what their next and future visits are and what needs to be carried out once they arrive. CarePal provides a secure solution to resolve challenges in providing a quality home healthcare service while meeting the expectations of patient families. It also allows for the carers to send alerts back to the office and between themselves.

In choosing this solution All in Care are breaking new ground setting them apart from competitors with improved communication of information and scheduling of appointments, better accountability for care services provided and easier access to patient information for patient families.

The app ensures that data is recorded and communicated in real time at the point of care. This means that carers have the reassurance that they have the most up to date care plan when they arrive at a client’s home. 

Scheduling and communications are made easy. Jobs are created and assigned with a simple interface. The carer immediately receives a job notification on their smartphone.

Instead of a paper based system, tasks on site are recorded as they completed with the click of a button on the smartphone. Time on site is also captured accurately.

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